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Archive for February, 2009

Hot brunette exhibitionist babe nude in public

We met Melisa while riding the train. The hot, delicious brunette stunner was wearing a jacket, checkered skirt and the sexiest nylon stockings. She started flirting with us right away, getting her kicks with her exhibitionist fetish. She opened her jacket, revealing she was wearing nothing to cover her big, delicious breasts. Aroused by being nude in public, her nipples were already hardened and sticking out, begging to be sucked, licked and bit. We followed her all over town. Melisa gave us flashes of her curvy ass, naughty undies and more of her irresistible boobies. By the end of the day we were all out of film, and really needed to bust a nut!


Hot brunette babe


Hot blonde model rolls naked in the grass

It would make the delight of any gardener to find this beauty lying naked in the middle of his garden. A delicious blonde amateur model with a perfect body. Firm tits with hardened nipples which seem to beg to be sucked very hard and a pink pussy that seems so tender and meaty, it makes your mouth water in anticipation. She could not resist the green, wet grass and wanted to get her own naked body very wet and roll in the garden. Yes, she likes to get herself very dirty so the gardener can clean her up with his bare hands. Gardening does not seem such a bad career choice when looking at her, does it?


Hot blonde model