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Archive for July, 2009

Foxy redhead slender teen tease

Imagine yourself walking into the empty gym and bumping into this sizzling redhead amateur model with a tight and slender body, wearing just a tiny checkered miniskirt and a small matching top. Her nubile looks, petite body and flat abs with a sexy bellybutton make your cock very hard as she asks you to teach her all the secrets to love making. She’s still a virgin but she learns verity fast, especially with a good teacher. It’s hard to resist her dreamy eyes as she flexes and bends her body, promising to take off her clothes and show you her perfect titties, round ass and wet pussy. This girl is made of the same stuff they make sin with, man!

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Foxy Redhead Teen


Naughty model Melisa plays with food

Somebody woke up feeling very hungry and wanting a midnight snack. It’s beautiful amateur teen model Melisa. Believe me, if she wakes up in the middle of a night to go for a snack, you don’t want to miss it. Totally naked, the fridge’s contents make her terrible naughty. She pours yogurt all over her tender titties and feels the creamy liquid ooze in between her pussy lips before she fucks herself with a peeled banana. She will eat it after she’s done, feeling the taste of her own pussy on the fruit. For dessert, she covers her nude body in whipped cream and serves herself for you. Talk about forbidden fruit!


Naughty model


Beautiful brunette Julia gets ready to sleep

We caught lovely brunette amateur Julia just as she was about to get into bed, ready to take off her cotton gown. She loves to sleep in the nude, just wearing a cute pair of cotton socks. She doesn’t mind our presence, she pretends we are not there and takes off her clothes, revealing the sensual contours of her soft and slender body. She presses her tits together and spreads her long nude legs wide open, showing us her beautiful pink clam, her pussy lips practically opened wide. Her snatch must be so wet and warm, we can almost imaging fucking her hard on her bed before she dozes off to sleep.

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Beautiful brunette